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Welcome to The Broken Bookshelf! I am excited to begin this journey, and fulfilling one of my goals by owning an operating a blog about books (because, let’s be honest, other than food they’re about the best there are).

I am currently reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. A novel about a high school senior in the year 2044, where reality doesn’t pan out quite like it should have. OASIS, a virtual reality gaming system, is his only escape from the dwindling planet Earth. The creator of the OASIS, has recently passed away. Upon his passing he has left a game of hunting for his devoted players, because if they find all of the ‘keys’ he has hidden over this vast virtual world, they can then open the ‘Gates’. There are three keys and 3 gates, and if such an adventurer finds all keys and opens all gates, he/she shall inherit OASIS creator’s vast multi-billion dollar fortune. A great read for 80s pop culture fanatics and fans of Dungeons and Dragons (of which I am very enthusiastic of both).

My 2nd read is Stephen King‘s MISERY. I have yet to see the movie, though I have somewhat heard and read that the movie was a bit better than the books, which is usually rarely the case. KING‘s books are sometimes slow and steady to start, but pick up when you least expect it, which leaves you starting to read at 9 p.m. and before you know it you’re daring yourself to finish those last 50 pages while the clock beside you reads 3:00 a.m. Such is the case with MISERY.

3rd and last is Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger, the sequal to her hit novel and later motion picture The Devil Wears Prada. TDWP was a good read, however I will have to say that the movie was actually much better than the book. That, of course, could be because I viewed the movie at a younger age before I even knew that it was based on a novel. This sequel follows Andy Sachs after Runway, where her and former colleague and Miranda Priestly’s senior assistant, Emily, create their own (bridal fashion) magazine. The magazine is extremely successful, yet Andy can’t seem to get over still cowering and cringing whenever she hears the Priestly name. Started in October 2016, but have since took a break for more important books on my reading list.


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