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Update. . . Stay Tuned!

Hey readers!

So, I almost killed my computer last night! Safe to say I cried for a couple of hours, went to bed early, and will never leave a drink in an open container near my baby ever again. All the while, I was planning on doing an update on The Raven Boys (audiobook & Kindle) and One of Us Is Lying.

As soon as I get an open space at lunch or this evening, I’ll do just that.

In the meantime. . .

What grave mistake have you made that made you make strict rules to keep the accident from ever happening again?


The Art of Escaping – A Review


I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! I am in a constant love-hate relationship with YA books. I either love them and am all-consumed by the writing and the story or I hate them and I think they’re not worth reading or I can’t get into them because the writing isn’t that great. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE.

I love magic, especially the illusionist kind, and this book being about a Houdini-obsessed teen just made me love it even more. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I flew through this, which should just go to say that this was one of those YA books that I loved and was all-consumed by from page one to the very end. The writing in this book certainly complements the story and that can make all the difference when writing and reading YA novels for me.

The Kiss Quotient – A Review

display-0afa25888a294065ea35f0222dc48260As most of you know, I’m not such a big fan of romance type novels, but this was definitely an exception. I love the characters in this book, along with the idea and premise of the book itself. It is not your typical boy-meets-girl kind of story, but it is a story where you can relate to the characters, root for them all the way through from the first page, and cheer for them when you reach the end. The writing for this book was much better than I expected, and it certainly helped the entire book as far as enjoyability goes. The Kiss Quotient was quite a surprise and I immediately read the book in one weekend, if that tells you anything. The book was quirky, with its premise and characters, and that made all the difference.

A Sad Goodbye to a Favorite Site

I just want to take a moment to say a sad goodbye and how good of a run it’s been with Blogging for Books. They’ve been at it 10 years, allowing readers to review books for free, not only sending out ebook galleys but print books before or soon after their release date. I only found out about them last fall, in September, but they have been a big part of my reading ever since I found them. They offered many books for many genres, and they truly brought joy to my reading lists and helped in my discovery of new books I might not have known about if it weren’t for them.

I’m sad to see them go, even after only knowing them a short time, and I can only imagine how hard this goodbye is for longtime fans, and for the organization itself.

I bid a sad farewell to an amazing and generous organization, and want to say a big thank you to providing books to reviewers everywhere.


The Company of Demons – A Review

display-61784a3f1d0c5625793331e626921631I received this books some long months ago through Net Galley. While its premise was intriguing, I was quite ill-enthused. First of all, now knowing what the cover looks like, it just adds to the disappointment. With my Net Galley copy, this was left to mystery, the cover back then being completely different than the final one. It does leave some mystery to it, which some readers might enjoy, but I felt as though it made it bland.

Moving on.

The cover coincidentally matches the feel this book has. Some parts are eventful, but the style of writing (like the title says, different strokes for different folks) left me with barely being able to finish this book. Honestly, some parts were like pulling teeth, and I just didn’t think that the story flowed well for my liking. Sometimes the flow of a book can just ruin the story, even if it’s a good one.

To each his own, and by no way would I judge anyone harshly for liking this book. Do I see this intriguing some or a quite large audience? Sure. Do I see this becoming a #1 Bestseller? Most likely no. But, that’s my opinion, and maybe enough people will like it that I’ll be proved wrong.

*Original review posted on December 19th, 2017*

Review: Broken Promise (Promise Falls Trilogy, Book 1)

Recently, I’ve been going through reading all of Linwood Barclay’s novels, as he is an amazing thriller writer. I’ve made a good size dent in them, but this has been one of my favorite trilogies thus far. The Promise Falls Trilogy. But let’s take it one book at a time.

Let’s get started.

5/5 Stars

Broken Promise.


We start in a small town in New York state, the main narrator being David Harwood. Barclay likes to jump around with his characters so that you can get the full story , with all characters being told in third person and the narrator in first person. Promise Falls is your average small town, filled with a sense of community closeness and big hidden secrets. Harwood and his son (his wife is deceased) have to move back to the Falls because of financial reasons and he’s hardly home with his big job at the Boston Globe, so he moves back in with his parents until he can find them a place. Then, his job is lost, the local newspaper shutting down for good because we’re in the golden age of media, and rarely do people read their news in print.

From this point, Harwood helps his cousin (mom’s sister’s daughter), because she’s not ‘in the right mind’. Upon arrival at her house with food from his mother, he discovers that his cousin has a baby. That’s odd, because she doesn’t have children. Well, it turns out, an ‘angel’ delivered this baby to her, to make up for the baby she lost before. Might I mention that she also has attempted to steal a baby from the hospital shortly after she ‘lost’ her own, but since her mother is head of the hospital, she managed to quieten the situation to protect her daughter.

Before I get ahead of myself, I’m going to stop the review in detail right there. I love reviews, but hate in-depth spoilers, and trust me when I say I can’t go into much more detail without giving the story away. I just hope it’s enough of a hook to make you read it.

I will say this, though. Throughout this book, and the trilogy, everyone and their stories are connected. Whether or not it seems like it at first, they are. This book was filled with action and thrills from start to finish, and the end will only leave you wanting more. I picked up the first two books at the same time, and ordered the third (which released in Nov. 2016) as soon as I could. The first book took me some time, but the second i read within a week, and the third within 2 days. This story is insane and leaves you wanting more.