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Paul Tremblay has a new release for July 2019!!

Ok, y’all. I just squealed because THIS BEAUTY came up in my ARC list, and I am SO ready to dive into this, y’all just don’t even know. I get excited about a lot of ARCs, but I had NO IDEA he was coming out with a new book until I was browsing around and just happened to find this one.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 3.44.16 PM.png

I can’t wait, and it’s a story collection. Y’all know those are my favorite. I’m a little swamped with school right now (my untalented tail is having to write AND illustrate a children’s book and I can barely manage to draw stick people without it looking like a toddler did it. However, this made my day a little better and my weekend brighter, and if I don’t get to it before then, I WILL be devouring this during Christmas break!!


!Deal Alert! and an update

So, I’ve been a bit busy. I graduate with my BFA in Creative Writing in May 2019 and I’m currently wrapping up my junior classes (this month is children’s entertainment) and my senior classes begin in January. That being said, the workload is heavy. I don’t mind, and most of it I enjoy, but it leaves time for little else when everything’s factored into my days, and shamefully I’ve had to cut back on the reading for pleasure and swapped it with reading for class. It took me three weeks to get through the middle of The Night Circus and I had to renew my library loan for another three weeks, so hopefully, I can get it read by Thanksgiving. Anyway, I’ve been able to fit reading into my schedule every single day, but sometimes when it ends up being right before bed, I get comfy and nestle in with my Kindle and then before I know it my husband’s waking me up by removing the Kindle from my deep sleep grip and I only made it through two pages.

Also, I have decided that I’m going to introduce a new topic and section for ebook deals, because I receive multiple emails with different ones daily, and it’s not something I see a whole lot on blogs. I’ll spotlight my favorites, because a lot of them aren’t the big name blockbuster hits and there are a lot that I don’t even know. Still, I think it will good for those that may already receive these kinds of emails, but especially helpful for those that don’t.

Without further adieu, today’s spotlight deal is: A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay


This has been on my TBR for a while. A friend asked me a couple of weeks ago if I had read it, and I hadn’t. He then explained that I needed to immediately go grab it, and I was going to get a physical copy here soon, but good things come to those who wait. This deal is $1.99* and is available from the following retailers:


If you grab this deal, let me know! Is this section helpful and does it have an audience? While this only contains one deal, in the future there will be multiple depending on the deals available.

*as of Nov. 1st, 2018. These deals can expire on any day and are subject to the publisher’s pricing guidelines.

on being MIA and the story I’ve been writing.

I didn’t realize I never did a recount of my day at that stupid-crazy sale at Books-A-Million, but it’s coming! I’ve been ill here and there for the last couple of weeks and this month’s class in school has been extremely time-consuming simply because of the many days I’ve been sick. On those days, it was all I could do to work (at the office or from home) and take care of the little, so by the time I actually could do my work, I was so exhausted/nauseous/etc. that I just wanted to go to bed.

BUT, I did manage to read Warcross by Marie Lu, and LET ME TELL YOU, I am ready for Wildcard to come on out next month. Think Ready Player One, but in Tokyo and more focused on modern day rather than 80s pop culture. I absolutely loved this book and even though I took my time with it, it was one of those that I thought about constantly until I could read again.

Also, below you’ll find a link (PDF) to the story I’ve been working on for the last 3 weeks, that started out as a mere less-than-1,000-words short story, previously published at Scarlet Leaf Review and in my short story collections book, but has since been edited and expanded to a little over 3,500 words. It’s expanded beautifully and it is one of my babies, so if you do read it, I’d love to hear what you thought about it, if there’s anything missing, and if you’d like to read my original work more often! 

Inside Job by K. S. Lewis

There’s two reviews coming this week and an updated TBR since it’s almost September (woohoo! for it being almost-fall, pumpkin spice lattes, and pre-Halloween). I’m decorating the outside of my house for Halloween today (lights and all), but how early is too early for Halloween decorations??

Lord bless and behold!

Today, Books-A-Million stores in Alabama (ONLY) are participating in a coupon for a penny-a-page. This allows you to buy (in-store only) a book for a penny per page rather than the full price of the books. However, it’s only one book per person, so I’ve had to rally my troops to get four books today: my son will be buying IT by Stephen King. He’s 4.

So, my buys are looking to be:

A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay

Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

IT by Stephen King

Warcross by Marie Lu

For once, I’m super excited to live in Alabama with a BAM just right across the river in a 15-minute drive and for my loved ones who love me and my love for books to grab some for me.

UPDATE: I was only able to grab Thunderhead (a steal at a little over $5 for the hardback) and Warcross (which was a little over $3, and a last minute decision because they didn’t have A Noise Downstairs or the hardback of IT (I don’t need a paperback of that long thing, so I’ll just wait it out on Thriftbooks or Book Depository, then). It was also CRAZY HECTIC, I waited an hour in line at lunch time, but when I went back later that evening, I stood in an almost standstill line for over an hour and wasn’t even halfway through, so I left. They also didn’t seem to take it into account ALL OF THE BODY HEAT that would be in there, mixed with it already being unbearable and humid because it’s August in Alabama, and I almost got sick from the heat alone, so I went and got Starbucks for what I would have spent on a book and called it a day.

It’s been awhile. . .

Well, about two weeks, technically. I just finished my screenwriting class, and lord, let me tell you, I’m so glad. I love writing, I really do. But, screenwriting is just not my cup of tea. Especially writing a short original film. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for screenwriters. They truly are the MVPs of entertainment where it’s concerned, but I’ll just stick to writing novels, thanks.

Now, since we’re coming up on August, I’mma hit y’all up with my August TBR a couple days early.


1. When Life Gives You Lululemons by Lauren Weisberger. This is a continuation of The Devil Wears Prada, which I did not like, but this book I am in love with! Only 20% in and I’m here for all of it! I loved The Devil Wears Prada movie, but when I read the book, I was extremely underwhelmed. Same for Revenge Wears Prada. But, you know what they say: 3rd time’s a charm.

2. The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero. Obviously, this is the book that the movie is based on, where James Franco and his brother play Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero. This is Greg’s personal story from the time he met Tommy, throughout the journey they took together to make The Room. The best worst movie ever made. And I’ve already seen The Disaster Artist movie and it was absolutely fantastic, so I’m looking forward to this one!


print books:

3. Parting Shot by Linwood Barclay. This is a book after the Twenty-Three trilogy and I’ve been meaning to read it forever. Also, Linwood is my favorite author behind Stephen King, so I definitely just need to go ahead and get on this one since he just released another book July 24th.

I may add more to this list, and I may have more free time this month in school than I did last month, but we’ll just go ahead and assume the worst and be surprised if I get past these three!

July TBR


what’s pictured:

1. What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

  • ARC provided by Edelweiss and I’m screaming omg I cannot WAIT to read this!!!

2. Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

  • Via the library, Reese Witherspoon’s June Bookclub pick. This is a mystery/thriller and the author is also an actress, well known for her role as Mable Lane Fox (Tony Gillingham’s beau/wife) in Downton Abbey.

3. Summer Days and Summer Nights edited by Stephanie Perkins with 12 stories from 12 YA authors (Cassandra Claire, Becky Albertalli, Leigh Bardugo, Stephanie Perkins, and Veronica Roth are among them).

  • Via the library and my “Summer Read” before the summer is over. I’m not a fan of summer at all, but reading about it in stories may put me in a better mood for it as the summer is coming (thankfully) to a close.

not pictured:

4. The Other Woman by Sandie Jones

  • This is a thriller and an ARC, provided by BookishFirst and it’s not a super long read and I’ve already read some in it when I got it, but wanted to hold off until closer to its release date (August).

5. The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

  • Via personal collection. Very short read and I got this from Book Depository ages ago but wanted to read it this year. I know Sharp Objects is on my TBR for August, simply because I want to watch the HBO show, so this will hopefully get me into the mood to read it.

Do you want to read any of these? Have you read any of these? 


‘lil update

Hey, so long time no see! I know, I know. I am terribly sorry for the weeklong absence, but I have literally been sick every day for almost two weeks. I’ve barely had the energy to do anything but work, read, and finish assignments for my TV writing class. Also, it being hot as Hades here doesn’t help. Literally, it feels like I’m in Satan’s armpit when I step outside, and yes the humidity is that bad.

So, since wrote last week, I’ve also finished Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which loved so much, so there’s a review to come this weekend (I hope).  I’m not sure how many of you will read this, but I just wanted to make sure everyone knew I was alive and haven’t given up, I just get incredibly sick during the summer time due to the heat (and oh, lord, the allergies).


Oh, and Sara, I haven’t forgotten about that book tag. It’s still there, I just haven’t had the chance to get to it yet.